SIU School of Medicine

Student Evaluation of Tutor

Class of 2021

Student:  (Your name will not appear on any reports --  this information is only collected for tracking purposes)
  Always accomplished this task. Almost always accomplished this task. Usually accomplished this task. Sometimes did not accomplish this task. Rarely accomplished this task.
  1. Promoted an open and supportive learning environment.

  1. Had the group set objectives.

  1. Encouraged clinical reasoning (define problem, generate hypothesis, gather focused data, synthesize the problem).

  1. Supported group development and refinement of learning issues.

  1. Had group identify and critique resources.

  1. Had group apply new knowledge to problem

  1. Supported discussion of basic science issues.

  1. Supported evaluation of group and individual performance.

  1. Provided frequent and constructive feedback.

  1. Stimulated reasoning process with questions and probes.

  1. Helped the group keep on track.

  1. Aided the group to balance basic science and clinical applications.

  1. Made the learning experience enjoyable.

  1. Encouraged the group to deal with interpersonal problems.

  1. Encouraged students to discuss conflicting views.

  1. Kept all students involved.

  1. Specific comments about any items:

  1. Overall evaluation of facilitator: