Year Two:  Student Evaluation of Resource Sessions, Class of 2016

Week 3

Please evaluate this week's resource sessions:  "The session provided useful and appropriate information."

Subject/Instructor/Date Strongly
Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
did not

Introduction to Virology (Dr. Gershburg), 10-Sep

ssRNA(+) viruses (Dr. Gershburg), 10-Sep

Vaccine Preventable Illness & Vaccine Policy (Dr. Batterman, ), 10-Sep

ssRNA (-) and dsRNa viruses (Dr. Gershburg), 11-Sep

Vaccines: Past, Present & Future (Dr. Halford), 11-Sep

DNA viruses and retroviruses (Dr. Gershburg), 12-Sep

Viruses and Cancer (Dr. Halford, ), 12-Sep

Integrated Case Conference (Dr. Koirala, Dr. Wilber , Dr. Halford), 13-Sep


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