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2014-2015 Elective Catalog

Department: Info & Communication

Title: Create Audio and Video for Education
Course Number:  25263
Course Type: Traditional

Using the resources of the Medical Library's CAVE (Create Audio & Video for Education) media lab, students will design and produce a multimedia product on a health/medical topic for a relevant audience (e.g., health consumers, health professionals, other). Students may develop their own topic or choose one suggested by School of Medicine faculty. Training will be provided on the CAVE equipment and software as well as on the methods and strategies for creating an educational or instructional multimedia presentation. The final audio/visual project will be posted for others to view and may be used for specific educational endeavors. Opportunities to enter completed projects into competitions may also be available.
A description of the CAVE, its equipment and software is available at

1. The student will apply core design and communication strategies to create a short (less than 5 minutes) multimedia presentation on a specific health topic for an audience of the student?s choosing.
2. The student will use the provided multimedia equipment and software to create the presentation
3. The completed multimedia presentation will demonstrate clear wording, formatting, and content to meet the needs of the intended audience.
4. The student will meet copyright requirements in the creation of the presentation.
5. The student will document the process of creating the multimedia presentation by submitting the storyboard, bibliography, transcript of audio, and any necessary copyright permissions with the final product.

1. Meet with faculty to discuss the process at set intervals.
2. Presentation and submission of the final project.
3. Submission of completed documentation.

Successful completion of all third-year clerkships.

Contact responsible faculty TWO WEEKS before beginning elective


Faculty Responsible for Elective: Rhona Kelley
Telephone: (217) 545-2112
Additional Faculty:
  • Carol Gordon
    Fran Kovach
    Connie Poole
    Allison Sutphin
    Karli White
Enrollment: Minimum:  2 Maximum:  4
Credit Hours: Minimum:  1 Maximum:  1
Schedule: Full Time        1 week


Required Computer Training:



SIU (Centricity)


Week(s) Elective Offered:

(Check with the Registrar to determine availability of elective.)


Week 16: 10/20/14
Week 31: 02/02/15


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Chris Reavis, MS  (Curriculum Information)
Jean Afflerbach (Web Page)

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