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2010-2011 Elective Catalog

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Patient Education

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This elective will provide an introduction to patient education principles and application of education theories and techniques for providing patient education. Topics of health literacy and trans-cultural communication will be addressed through the use of web based resources, readings and discussion.


1. Increase student's knowledge about health literacy needs and health communication needs related to patient education materials. Students will be assigned specific video/reading materials for this. Student will visit one community agency of their choice to acquire patient education materials and evaluate those for literacy, medical bias, medical information and cultural bias.
2. Increase student's knowledge about issues of trans-cultural communication related to patient education. Students again will be assigned specific video/reading materials for this. Web based language translating programs or the student's own language skills and/or culture understanding will be used for this translation.
3. Develop patient education materials related to a select medical topic utilizing the basic principles of health education including health literacy and trans-cultural topics. Students will develop patient education materials at several levels of literacy. Students will also translate a portion of the patient education materials developed above into a different language or into culture specific concepts. The topic for the patient education materials will be chosen by the student and approved by the faculty at the start of the elective.
4. Increase the student's ability to assess already developed educational materials. Each student will review and evaluate 3 web based patient education resources, 3 video patient education resources and 3 written patient education resources. The student will complete an evaluation sheet on each of these.


Students will be evaluated on their completion of the following requirements:
1. Students will complete the patient education materials as outlined above and have those ready for clinical use by the end of the elective.
2. The student will meet with one of the faculty for a final oral presentation on the patient education materials developed.
3. Student will attend at least one FM associated clinic for application of patient education principles.


Faculty Responsible for Elective:

Barnhart, Amber



Additional Faculty:

Cyndi Ledbetter
Tracey Smith


Minimum:   1

Maximum:   3


Full Time  1 week

Credit Hours:

Minimum:   1

Maximum:   1


Week(s) Elective Offered*:

Week 1: 07/05/10
Week 2: 07/12/10
Week 3: 07/19/10
Week 4: 07/26/10
Week 5: 08/02/10
Week 6: 08/09/10
Week 7: 08/16/10
Week 8: 08/23/10
Week 9: 08/30/10
Week 10: 09/06/10
Week 11: 09/13/10
Week 12: 09/20/10
Week 13: 09/27/10
Week 14: 10/04/10
Week 15: 10/11/10
Week 16: 10/18/10
Week 17: 10/25/10
Week 18: 11/01/10
Week 19: 11/08/10
Week 20: 11/15/10
Week 22: 11/29/10
Week 23: 12/06/10
Week 24: 12/13/10
Week 27: 01/03/11
Week 28: 01/10/11
Week 29: 01/17/11
Week 30: 01/24/11
Week 31: 01/31/11
Week 32: 02/07/11
Week 33: 02/14/11
Week 34: 02/21/11
Week 37: 03/14/11
Week 38: 03/21/11
Week 39: 03/28/11
Week 40: 04/04/11
Week 41: 04/11/11
Week 42: 04/18/11
Week 43: 04/25/11
Week 44: 05/02/11
Week 45: 05/09/11
Week 46: 05/16/11

*Check with the Registrar to determine availability of elective.


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