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2010-2011 Elective Catalog

Department: Family & Community Medicine



Nutrition Basics and Teaching Skills

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This elective will provide an introduction to basic nutrition principles and application of education theories and techniques for providing educational outreach to the community. The Student will self-study numerous nutritional educational materials on topics such as presentations on planning meals, nutritional labels, healthy shopping, portion size guidelines and one-minute nutritional messages. Students will complete a pre and post test on nutrition facts and on attitudes of community involvement and education of nutrition in school age children. Students will be required to present a "nutritional" outreach program to at least one group of students.


1. Increase students' abilities to organize a community oriented primary care program aimed at decreasing childhood obesity
2. Increase students' abilities to work with local schools and organizations to provide community oriented education
3. Increase students' knowledge related to nutrition
4. Increase students' skills at educating children and families about nutrition and in general


1. Viewing and completion of video worksheets as required
2. Completion of all pre and post tests
3. Provision of 1 nutritional outreach activity


Faculty Responsible for Elective:

Tracey Smith




Additional Faculty:

JoAnn LeMaster
Amber Barnhart
Cindy Ledbetter


Minimum:   1

Maximum:   5


Full Time  1 Week

Credit Hours:

Minimum:   1

Maximum:   1


Week(s) Elective Offered*:

Week 3: 07/19/10
Week 4: 07/26/10
Week 8: 08/23/10
Week 11: 09/13/10
Week 14: 10/04/10
Week 16: 10/18/10
Week 17: 10/25/10
Week 23: 12/06/10
Week 28: 01/10/11
Week 30: 01/24/11
Week 31: 01/31/11
Week 34: 02/21/11
Week 37: 03/14/11
Week 39: 03/28/11
Week 40: 04/04/11
Week 42: 04/18/11
Week 45: 05/09/11

*Check with the Registrar to determine availability of elective.


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