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2010-2011 Elective Catalog

Department: Family & Community Medicine



Community Health Services And Resources

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This elective will provide brief exposures to various ancillary health and social service resources in the community.

The student will learn about types of community health and social service resources useful for the many patients whose needs require more intervention than physicians alone can provide.

Students will visit a minimum of 5 agencies during the week, observe services, interview agency personnel, and complete a review form about agency services. Faculty and student will review the experiences at the end of the week. The agencies are selected by the faculty member based on:

1) student interest and future specialty plans,
2) learning relevance (i.e., replicability in other communities or exceptional quality), and
3) agency logistics.

Thus, the needs of students interested in one of the primary care specialties, psychiatry, surgery, emergency medicine, etc., will be accommodated.

The agencies are located in Springfield, Illinois, although exceptions have permitted students to learn about agencies in downstate Illinois communities where they plan residency training or eventual practice. Exceptions are only at faculty discretion, since faculty research of agency appropriateness is required.


1. Become aware of health care and social service resources available to help patients.
2. Learn about the processes and appropriate referral of patients to health and social service resources in the community.
3. Experience what actually happens to patients when referrals to these agencies are made.


A brief evaluation of each experience, and discussion with faculty to assess the student's understanding of the community health and social service system


Faculty Responsible for Elective:

Tracey Smith


(217) 757-8137


Additional Faculty:


Minimum:   1

Maximum:   2


Full Time  1 week

Credit Hours:

Minimum:   1

Maximum:   1


Week(s) Elective Offered*:

Week 3: 07/19/10
Week 4: 07/26/10
Week 5: 08/02/10
Week 6: 08/09/10
Week 7: 08/16/10
Week 8: 08/23/10
Week 11: 09/13/10
Week 12: 09/20/10
Week 13: 09/27/10
Week 14: 10/04/10
Week 16: 10/18/10
Week 17: 10/25/10
Week 18: 11/01/10
Week 20: 11/15/10
Week 22: 11/29/10
Week 23: 12/06/10
Week 24: 12/13/10
Week 28: 01/10/11
Week 30: 01/24/11
Week 31: 01/31/11
Week 32: 02/07/11
Week 33: 02/14/11
Week 34: 02/21/11
Week 37: 03/14/11
Week 38: 03/21/11
Week 39: 03/28/11
Week 40: 04/04/11
Week 41: 04/11/11
Week 42: 04/18/11
Week 45: 05/09/11
Week 46: 05/16/11

*Check with the Registrar to determine availability of elective.


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